AMBIAMBI is a software developed by AZTI for assessment of the quality of benthic macroinvertebrates assemblages by calculating the homonymous index. Download the new AMBI species list, with 10,638 taxa, covering the whole ocean. Updated on December 2020. Register and download AMBI!

New European rules (see Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EC or Marine Strategy Framework Directive 2008(56/EC) emphasise the importance of biological indicators. In order to establish the ecological quality of European coasts and estuaries, Borja et al. (2000), from AZTI, developed a marine biotic index (AMBI) and M-AMBI software. This explores the response of soft-bottom communities to natural and man-induced changes in water quality, integrating long-term environmental conditions. The software, named AMBI (AZTI’ Marine Biotic Index), including 10,638 taxa from all seas, representative of the most important soft-bottom communities present at estuarine and coastal systems, from the North Sea to the Mediterranean, North and South America, Asia, Arctic, Antarctica, etc. This tool allows you to easily calculate the AMBI, represent your data and export results.

You must use the guidelines published in Marine Pollution Bulletin. This version, from December 2020, allows to assign your own ecological group to some controversial taxa.

Since February 2012, the Steering Committee of the Salmon Aquaculture Dialogue, promoted by WWF (World Wildlife Fund), has included the tool AMBI as one of the indicators to assess the environmental impact of farmed salmon, worldwide.

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